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                HDU has been offering postgraduate education since 1981.


                Currently, HDU has 6 doctoral programs and 30 master programs, including Sino-foreign cooperative education programs in control science and engineering, biomedical engineering and computer science and technology. HDU is also home to 4 postdoctoral research stations.


                At present, HDU has more than 800 masters tutors and 150 doctoral tutors, and over 5500 graduate students, including over 5200 master candidates and over 200 doctoral candidates.


                Hundreds of the students travel abroad each year, for joint education opportunities, academic conference, research interests, internships, careers in international organizations and short term training.


                Doctoral programs

                 Control Science and Engineering

                 Electronic Science and Technology

                 Computer Science and Technology

                 Mechanical Engineering

                 Cyberspace Security

                 Management Science and Engineering

                Master programs


                 Applied Mathematics

                 Applied Statistics

                 Asset Evaluation

                 Biomedical Engineering

                 Circuits and System

                 Computational Mathematics

                 Computer Application Technology

                 Computer Architecture

                 Computer Software and Theory

                 Computer Technology

                 Control Engineering

                 Control Science and Engineering

                 Digital Media Technology

                 Electromagnetic Fields and Microwave Technology

                 Electronic Information Materials

                 Electronics and Communication Engineering

                 Electronics and Communication Engineering

                 Electronics Information Materials

                 Energy Mechanical Equipment and Its Automation

                 English Language and Literature

                 Enterprise Management


                 Fundamental Mathematics

                 Industrial Economics

                 Industrial Engineering

                 Information and Communication Engineering

                 Information Security

                 Integrated Circuits Engineering

                 International Trade

                 IOT Technology

                 Logistic Engineering

                 Management Science and Engineering

                 Master of Business Administration

                 Measuring Technology and Instrument

                 Mechanical Design & Theory

                 Mechanical Electronic Engineering

                 Mechanical Manufacturing & Automation

                 Microelectronics & Solid-State Electronics

                 New Energy Power and Control

                 Oceanic and Ports Mechanical Equipment Technology

                 Operations Research & Control Theory

                 Optical Information Technology and Instrument

                 Physical Electronics

                 Power equipment and Automation

                 Precision Instrument and Machinery

                 Program Management (MPA)

                 Social Management Science and Engineering

                 Software Engineering

                 Software Engineering


                 Technological Economics and Management

                 The Environmental Monitoring and Control

                 Tourist Management

                 Vehicle Engineering


                Algorithm team led by two master candidates, Cui Yuhao and Li Jing, won championship in the CVPR2019 VQA Challenge 2019. 



                Team HDU won First prize in the 2020 China Electronic Design Competition for Graduate Students.