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                HDU is a leading research-teaching university in the region. Currently, it has over 19000 undergraduate students, and offers 46 programs, 70% of which are IT related.


                It has been National Education Award winner for 5 consecutive years, and it is home to 2 National Comprehensive Reform Pilot Programs, 6 Outstanding Engineer Education and Training Pilot Programs under the Ministry of Education, 2 National Experiment Teaching Demonstration Centers, 10 Provincial Experiment Teaching Demonstration Centers, 4 Provincial Public Platforms for Technological Innovation, and 1 Internet-based Engineer Training Center for Advanced Manufacture Technology Talents.


                HDU students have won over 370 awards in academic contests at home and abroad in the last 5 years. HDU team tied with Massachusetts Institute of Technology in ACM-ICPC World Finals 2017.

                Over 1000 HDU students travel abroad each year, for joint education opportunities, academic conference, research interests, internships, careers in international organizations and short term training.


                · Over 19000 undergraduate students

                · 46 undergraduate programs

                · National Education Award winner for 5 consecutive years

                · HDU team tied with Massachusetts Institute of Technology in ACM-ICPC World Finals 2017

                · Won 2 Championships in the 2019 National Smart Automobile Contest for College Students

                · Overall Champion in 2018 China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling







                Financial Management

                Artificial Intelligence


                Electrical Engineering and Automation

                Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering

                Intelligent Science and Technology

                Measurement and Control Technology and Instruments

                Medical Information Engineering

                Communication Engineering

                Communications Engineering

                Information Countermeasure Technology

                Information Security

                Computer Science

                Computer Science and Technology

                Network Engineering

                Software Engineering


                Cyberspace Security




                International Economy and Trade

                Electronics & Information

                Electronic Information Engineering

                Electronic Information Science and Technology

                Electronic Science and Technology

                Integrated Circuit Design and Integrated System

                Foreign Languages


                Humanities, Arts & Digital Media

                Chinese International Education


                Digital Media Arts

                Digital Media Technology

                Industrial Design

                Product Design





                Business Administration

                Confidentiality Management


                Human Resources Management

                Industrial Engineering

                Information Management and Information Systems

                Materials & Environmental Engineering

                Environmental Engineering

                Materials Science and Engineering

                Mechanical Engineering

                Mechanical Design and Manufacture and Automation

                Vehicle Engineering


                Information and Computer Science

                Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

                Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering