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                HDU is widely acclaimed as a national “Cradle of IT entrepreneurs and excellent accountants”.

                In the past 6 decades, HDU have educated over 100,000 engineers and business managers, and it is alma mater to 1/3 of the leaders of top 100 Chinese IT enterprises. 

                Jack MA worked here from 1988 to 1995, before he created the world-changing Alibaba.

                HDU Alumni Entrepreneurs 

                · Jack MA, business magnate, investor and philanthropist, the founder and former executive chairman of Alibaba Group, was an English teacher and later the Director of International Office of our university.

                · Yi Huiman, trained from 1981 to 1984, Chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission.

                · Ding Hui, graduated in 1989, former President of IKEA Centers China, former CFO of PepsiCo China, current CFO of American Standard China.

                · Wang Dongsheng, graduated in 1980,founder of BOE, known as the father of Chinese LCD industry .

                · Lai Weide, graduated in 1980, Chairman and Executive Director of Skyworth Group Co.,Ltd.

                · Jiang Fang, graduated in 1996, one of the 18 founders of Alibaba, current CPO of Alibaba Group, Non-executive Director of Ant Group.

                · Trudy Dai, graduated in 1997, one of the 18 founders of Alibaba,current president of Alibabas B2B business.

                · Zhang Zifeng, graduated in 1981, Assistant General Manager of Hong Kong Ta Kung Wen Wei Media Group Ltd.

                · Dai Yunfa, graduated in 1980, Chairman of Hong Kong Tsuen Wan Business Association, Chairman of Huamu City Group and Chairman of Qianjiang (Hong Kong) Group.

                · He Ru, graduated in 1987, former President of Shenzhen Development Bank and incumbent Chairman of Guoxin Securities Co., Ltd.

                · Feng Zhiyan, graduated in 1988, winner of the First Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, Chairman of FENYX Australia.

                · Li Chunbo, graduated in 1988, Chairman of Zhejiang Medicine Co. Ltd.

                · Ma Zhaoming, graduated in 1984,Vice President of Huatai Securities Co., Ltd. and chairman of United Securities.

                · Wu Xueyong, graduated in 1985, Vice President of Zhejiang Publishing Group.

                · Sicheng Yu, graduated in 1994, former Technological General Manager of Oracle Greater China, former Vice President of Alibaba Cloud, founder of iTrigger, General Manager of Accenture Greater China.

                · Wang Hai, graduated in 2001, Vice President of Alibaba Group, current president of Alibabas C2M business.

                · Yue Xuqiang, graduated in 2003, Co-Founder and COO of MOGu Inc.

                ·  Liu Tibin, graduated in 1984, Chairman of Sichuan Investment Group Co., Ltd. 

                To be continued...