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                Join us

                Global Recruitment of Postdoctoral Researcher


                .Introduction to HDU

                Hangzhou Dianzi University is a teaching-research institute renowned for its achievements in electronics, information science, and business management. It was subordinate successively to the Second Ministry of Machinery Industry, the Fourth Ministry of Machinery Industry, the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Information Industry and other central ministries. In 2000, it became co-managed by the Zhejiang provincial government and the Ministry of Information Industry, with the provincial government playing the main role. In 2015, it was recognized as one of the first five Key Construction Universities in Zhejiang Province. Based in Zhejiang, relying on industry, facing the world, serving the society and nation, HDU upholds its tradition of being loyal, industrious, down to earth, and innovative. Following the motto of “Being industrious in study and action, keeping integrity and innovation”, it has developed tremendously in the past six decades. 



                1. Minimum Requirements

                ·PhD degree in mechanical engineering, electronic science and technology, computer science and technology, management science and engineering or a related field;

                ·Strong innovative and organizational skills;

                ·In good health;

                ·Work full time.

                2. Preferably

                ·Obtained doctoral degree within the last three years;

                ·Less than 35 years old;

                ·Having study or worked overseas.


                Ⅲ.Salary and Benefits

                Annual income will be no less than 300,000 yuan per year usually. Perks will be in accordance with relevant regulations of HDU.

                This postdoctoral fellowship is for 2 years.

                During one’s fellowship, one may apply for miscellaneous grants and funds.

                Outstanding fellows could be offered tenure at HDU as well as a benefit package, home-purchase subsidy included.


                Ⅳ.Application Materials

                Curriculum vitae

                List of academic achievements

                Supporting materials, such as project approval, award certificate, published works.



                Postdoctoral Station




                Mechanical Engineering

                Ms. Chen



                Electronic Science and Technology

                Ms. Wang



                Computer Science and Technology

                Mr. Zeng



                Management Science and Engineering

                Ms. Li



                Department of Human Resources: Ms. Fan, Tel. 0571-86915028, Email: fhd@hdu.edu.cn